Washington State SealScreenman, Inc. is registered as a construction contractor with L&I to perform construction work within the scope of its specialty. A General or Specialty construction Contractor must maintain a surety bond or assignment of account and carry general liability insurance.

Washington Department of
Labor & Industries

Screenman is registered as provided by law as:
Construction Contractor – Metal Fabrication
Registration# CCSCREEI*995Q8

Insurance Company:

Mutual of Enumclaw
1460 Wells Street
Enumclaw, WA 98022
Policy #CPP001156705


Western Surety Company
Bond Account #64674908

Workers Compensation:

Washington Department of Labor & Industries
Account # 067,919-01

Did you know…

that under Washington State law*, you may be liable for the unpaid workers’ compensation (industrial insurance) premiums of any business you hire or contract with in the construction industry. You can protect yourself from liability for your subcontractor’s unpaid premiums – Click here to see what you have to do. Wa Dept of L&I (*See RCW 51.12.070)