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Customer Reviews   (unedited)

“Can-do attitude”

Jill Patton – Kirkland, WA

Nathan and Joe did the work. They were great. Prompt, professional, warm, smart, problem-solvers. Mine wasn’t a typical job as the doors were oddly sized but they were able to adapt well to situation and think on their feet in order to solve the issues I had. On one door, they attempted to make the existing screen door work, though it wasn’t a perfect fit, as I was hoping to save money if at all possible. Due to their great efforts, if the existing screen door doesn’t work out, I will be more than happy to pay for an install of one of their new custom cut and custom fit doors. I have two homes and will not hesitate using Screenman for all of my future screen needs in either one. I’m very impressed with them and Nathan and Joes refreshing can-do attitude.

“This is a great company!”

Jenny Lehman – Redmond, WA

This is a great company! I give my compliments on providing such great service. The Screeman guys arrived on time, were very professional. Super helpful, gave me great advise, and I am extremely pleased with the quality of their product, and look forward to doing business with them in the future. Sincerely, Jenny Lehman

“I am extremely impressed with this company”

Madalyn Mincks – Seattle, WA

Arrival was right on time! The work was performed in an incredibly efficient and timely manner. Mark and Skeet worked wonderfully and professionally as a team. After completing the work, I was given a thorough explanation of how the new retractable screen worked. I am extremely impressed with this company.

“Polite, knowledgeable, careful & thorough”

Sandra Lyon – Bellevue, WA

Very well. The screen was installed in 1968 and I thought it would have to be replaced, which would have cost much more. Nathun and Joe said that the screen replacement and latch replacement would solve the problem. Midway, the old plastic latch broke, so it took longer to find a metal replacement. They tried several solutions before finding the best one. They were polite, knowledgeable, careful and thorough. Being a mobile unit, they could switch the requested service on site with no problem.

“Couldn’t have asked for better service”

Arlene Vollmer – Redmond, WA

Screenman showed me that the current sliding doors were really in good shape and it wouldn’t be “a good value” to replace whole door. They tinkered for quite a while with the tracks that already existed, filed off burrs and put spacers in the track to keep the sliding smooth. Both doors now work fine and quietly. The new kitchen window screen is of good quality, and fits perfectly. Their suggestion saved us over $200. On top of that, it was the only outfit out of four called that would come to the house and make the screens on the spot.

An extremely pleasant service experience. Nice individuals came to the door, were very informative, nice appearing. The low cost was a nice surprise. Couldn’t have asked for better service.

“The overall experience was a joy! I would NEVER use anyone else to work on my screens!!!”

Jane Scott – Seattle, WA

I bought an older house with a basement full of screens that I couldn’t figure out how or where to install. The hardware for the old screens was installed and I had 5 new screens made for windows which had no screens.

What a great experience!!! I had been messing with these screens for almost a year with absolutely NO understanding of what went where and how to get them to stay there if I could figure out where they went! The company’s wonderful owner told me that it was unlikely that I would have a basement full of screens that wouldn’t fit somewhere (which was reassuring as it is a large home with wicket screens and the fewer I needed to make the less costly it was likely to be!) We made an appointment for the following Tuesday for which the technichian (Davin – a real jewel) arrived promptly. Davin got all of the screens out of my basement and started measuring screens and windows. He was able to match up all of the wicket screens with the windows. I got busy and got the gunk off the screens while he made screens for the 3 regular and one wicket screen that I wanted to place immediately as well as drilling a couple of holes for the hardware to hold the wicket screens in place that somehow weren’t there previously. Yippee! Now when I get a warm day, I can open the windows without being invaded by bugs (BIG YUCK!) He was clean, fast, helpful and did his job! In fact, he got extra points for 1) picking up a giant bee from my dining room floor with a cup I gave him and putting it outside (to say that I am particularly freaked out about stinging bugs is an understatement!!!) Thank you again, Davin! Additionally, he was really kind with regard to my dogs. My grandpuppy is AFRAID of people wearing hats (not just strangers, she’s scared of us when we wear hats too). I told Davin that I would appreciate his leaving his cap outside so that she would just do the normal greeting barking and not be afraid. He took off his hat and she reacted to him peacefully. The other dogs thought he was great too, but they would have liked him whether or not he was wearing a hat!! The screens he made were perfect. The overall experience was a joy! I would NEVER use anyone else to work on my screens!!!

“I am very happy with results!”

Julia Schwarz– Tacoma, WA

Installed 11 new windows screens throughout the house

Excellent service, professional, great to deal with and very fast. Brandon did excellent job building and installing 11 new window screens in less than hour and a half. I am very happy with results!

“A perfect fit for our needs”

Mary Nelson – Medina, WA

Screenman comes to the home and repairs and replaces screen doors and windows on site.

I had seen their truck in the neighborhood and found them to be a perfect fit for our needs. They were able to schedule an appointment and complete the job on-site on the same day. They were very professional and did an excellent job.

“A perfect experience”

Ellen Reed – Woodinville, WA

Built screens for 16 windows that were missing screens.

A perfect experience. They were on time, did the work exactly to the estimate, worked around all the kid- and painter-induced chaos in our house, matched existing screens where necessary, and repaired one broken existing screen gratis. Scott & Dillon did a great job. Had to wait a few weeks to get on the schedule but we were not in a hurry so this was not a big deal. Highly recommended.

“Excellent experience”

Travis Hume – Brier, WA

Excellent experience. Scheduling was simple and 2 man crew showed up exactly on time. They were efficient and friendly. The results are excellent especially the sliding door with a lock. I’d recommend them to anyone. I wish I could remember the guys names. :(

“Definitely recommend them.”

Janine Paquette – Spanaway, WA

Custom built screen door from bottom up with pet strong screening and a new locking mechanism.

I received quotes from other companies that were higher. One spoke to both of us twice but never came back. Screenman was refreshing. They returned calls, came when they were supposed to. They built us a completely new screen door with a pet strong screen and a new locking mechanism. My husband was amazed- they were only here about 20 minutes!! It is beautiful! Definitely recommend them.

“Very satisfied”

Marcia Binney – Seattle, WA

Very satisfied. Good communication; quick return of phone calls. Appointment set up quickly. Good explanation of services, including promise that if screens in question were not appropriate for re-screening, no charge would be due. On date of appointment–on time (in fact, early, with prior phone call)–replaced screens, fast work, amount charged was as stated. Would recommend and would hire again.

“The job went beautifully”

Mary Lillie – Seattle, WA

Mr. Simmons and his assistant quickly fixed the screens I called them about. They have all the equipment they need in their truck. There were two screens that were falling apart. They created two new ones and repaired the old ones. They called ahead to say they would be a little late. The job went beautifully. The finished job looks great. I would hire them again. They were polite and friendly.

“Definitely an A+”

Eleanor Orth – Kirkland, WA

Scott arrived on time.
He was very pleasant and clearly very experienced.
He explained what he was going to do and how he was going to do it.
I really appreciated the fact that he took the measurements then went outside and did all the fabricating in his mobile unit rather than inside my home.
He showed me some sample materials for the threshold before installation. He worked very efficiently, and was very tidy.
He cleaned and vacuumed and left the place spotless.
The screen looks and works great.
Definitely an A+
Couldn’t have been better

“I was totally satisfied with the company’s professional, friendly service”

Roxanne Baker – Issaquah, WA

We needed to replace 8 window screens and a sliding screen door in our condo. Many years ago Screenman Mobile Screening Service had done excellent work for us at our previous home. The service back then was excellent and I was happy to find them just as top notch now. We couldn’t be happier with their screen products.

I was totally satisfied with the company’s professional, friendly service. Rhonda in the office answered my call and gave me clear information on likely costs of the screens. She was courteous with scheduling a time that worked for me. Mark arrived punctually at our home and clarified costs which were quite reasonable. He wasted no time and was totally self contained in his truck workshop out in the driveway. It was a good experience all the way around. I would definitely recommend this company to my family and friends.

“Highly recommend”

Anne Low – Bainbridge Island, WA

My old craftsman house had screens on the top floor and the basement, but none on the windows on the main floor.

We needed screens on 7 traditional sliding windows of various sizes and 4 folding windows. (windows that fold out at the top, not sure what the actual name is)

Art came out to my house on time, and looking over the house he gave me a quote that matched the number I’d received over the phone. Fixed cost for traditional screens (of any size) and fixed cost for wicketed screens for the folding windows.

Most of the screens he made in his truck to the exact measurements, but I gave incorrect information over the phone about my windows (I misunderstood a question) so Art didn’t have all the parts with him (I said the windows were white, so he brought white parts, but the windows were actually silver, so he had to come back the next day) I had to go out for an errand in the middle of the day, but when he arrived and I wasn’t there, he stayed to wait instead of leaving a note and taking off. Very considerate.

Highly recommend.

“These guys were easy to deal with and very professional”

Kathleen McConville – Seattle, WA

The mobile truck came to the house and repaired and replaced several window screens and slider screens.

These guys were easy to deal with and very professional. When I called I was given an approximate price over the phone for my list of repairs and replacements needed. The job came in at the estimated price. No surprises, no extra charges. It was such an easy way to get good work done and I loved that they billed me since this was done on my rental house.

“Great work, efficient and friendly!”

Brenda Jean Larson – Redmond, WA

Excellent! Scott was just super – constructed a new sliding screen door for a very odd size/type of track. Saw a tear in one of our window screens – and repaired at no charge! Great work, efficient and friendly! Would definitely hire again!

“I will recommend them to everyone…”

Cynthia Carriegan – Bonney Lake, WA

I had 16 screen re-screened. About 12 of the 16 had Dog tracks on them from a siding job I just had done where the workers left the screen laying in the garden area and dogs walked on them. Of course they didn’t say anything and I realized it after the screens were in place and they were long gone. The screens were Anderson Window screens and the company was able to take them back to the shop and rescreen them. They are beautiful, I love them and am happy I had them done.

Wonderful. Very nice people to work with and do an absoutely excellent job. I will recommend them to everyone and certainly do business with them again if I need more screens.

“Extremely helpful and efficient”

Ed Hallett – Mercer Island, WA

Replaced the screens in the Back door and put a pet guard on the same.

The service man was extremely helpful and efficient. He put in special screen that would prevent the “critters” from damaging our screen door again.

“Talk about a good experience!”

Paula Croxon – Seattle, WA

I had four screens and frames replaced, and an additional frame rescreened because of cat claw damage. I’d bent the frames trying to fit them back into the windows after they’d been washed. Scott and his associate measured and refit the screens, adding new finger holds for ease of fitting the frames back in. It turns out that one of my window frames wasn’t square, that it bowed in the middle! Scott adjusted the screen so it fit this non-standard window, making multiple adjustments until it fit just right.

Talk about a good experience! First of all, everyone at Screenman was great in making the appointment to accommodate my work schedule, and they called on the day as a reminder of my appointment. They also called me to update me on their timing (they actually were able to come a bit earlier, which was great.) Once there, they were mindful of my carpet and did all the work in their van so there was no mess at all in my house. They showed me the easiest way to get my screens on and off (so I wouldn’t bend the frames again!) and all in all were courteous and efficient. To top it all off, I couldn’t find my coupon for the Angie’s List discount but they gave it to me anyway. I definitely would recommend Screenman, and would use them again.

“GREAT product, great service”

Terri Hintz– Bellevue, WA

We had 12 custom screens made for our home, including both sliding and crank out windows. We also upgraded the quality of screen to make them less visible.

They came out very promptly, were very friendly, and although they didn’t have 2 pieces needed for one of the windows, made a special trip out 2 days later to fit it exactly. Very accommodating, GREAT product, great service. They came in, measured all the windows (more than I originally thought I wanted, and they didn’t mind!), and then made the custom screens on site in their truck. Product is high quality, and service was fantastic. I would definitely use them again!

“If I could give this company an A+, I would!”

Francesco Marshall – Burien, WA

If I could give this company an A+, I would! They were here on time. Went right to the source, did the job and reported in at end of job. How I wish all companies had such stellar customer service. Thank you.

“The whole process went extremely well”

David Inderbitzen– Kent, WA

The whole process went extremely well. When I called the company to get information on pricing and how the process worked, the person I spoke to was very helpful. He explained how much it would cost and worked with my schedule when arranging a time for someone to come to the house and do the work. Matt, who came to the house to do the work, arrived on time and answered all my questions. He was very nice and did a great job.

“They were fabulous!”

Ronna Weltman – Kirkland, WA

They were fabulous! They were polite, eager to please, and did great quality work.