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We’re mobile, as you may know. We’ll measure, fabricate, and install your new screens, making sure they fit correctly – all in just one visit! We can complete virtually any size job from just one screen to an entire house of screens. All our work is guaranteed (contact us for details)!


Our service call is $89 (waived with the purchase of a new Mirage or Phantom retractable screen door!)

Window Screens

New standard window screens are $49 each (any size screen up to 12 sq ft feet). They fit windows ” <data-original-title=”Vinyl Slide to Open Window”>slide to open and that have metal or vinyl frames. For larger screens (up to 16 sq ft) add $20.

Vinyl Crank out windows that require lip frame are $75 each (some crank-outs only need a standard screen); (any size screen up to 12 sq ft). 

Push out windows that require single or double wickets with stand-off frame are $89 and $99 each respectively (any size screen up to 12 sq ft). 1.25″ clearance is needed between blinds/shades and window frame for wicket screens. We are unable to remove or reinstall blinds. 

If hardware is needed to secure window screens; add up to $20-$40 each (may be needed for crank out windows, push out windows, windows without grooves or other non-standard windows).

Homes built prior to 1950 that have original wood frame double hung windows that need double hung hardware to attach the new screen are $32 per window (for the hardware) plus the cost of a new standard screen (above). Typically we work from the inside, but if a ladder is needed to install from the exterior, add $20 each ladder set. 

As a $20 per window option, upgrade from Phifer premium mesh to Phifer BetterVue, increased transparency mesh. From four to five feet away it’s hard to tell there’s even a screen between you and your view! Upgrade to petscreen or solar for $40. For other types of screens please call for a specific quote.

Retractable Screen Doors

We carry several brands of retractable screen doors and highly recommend both Mirage and Phantom because of their quality, design, durability, and manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. They’re also powder coated (not painted) for superior color and gloss retention.

Mirage with magnet (single door) are $669 installed (standard sizes and colors; heights to 83”).

Phantom Legacy with Latch & Release handle (single door) for $699 and Phantom Professional with magnet (single door) $669 (standard sizes and colors; heights to 84″).

French doors require two retractables.

We stock the standard colors/sizes, so they’re ready to go (Phantom Hartford Green and Mirage Ex Pebble Grey are a special order).

If you need a custom color, overheight or overwidth door, etc., call us for a phone quote. 

If you have pets please read this about Retractable Door Screens and Your Pets

Phantom MeshLock:

Another option from Phantom is MeshLock; the mesh is retained in the track vs free floating mesh in the track on their standard retractables. A captured edge solution that adds an additional layer of protection by securing the mesh in the top and bottom tracks. This solution helps prevent small pets from escaping, unwanted pests from entering and mesh blowing out from the track.

Phantom Legacy MeshLock with captured edge (single door) $1150 (standard size/color); requires a consultation to measure $89 + shipping. 

Sliding Patio Doors

Our heavy duty sliding patio screen doors are top quality sliders. They are constructed from 100% extruded aluminum and will not rust or corrode. Unlike typical roll form sliders that bend at the handle, extruded frames are very strong. Our door is also custom made to fit correctly – not an inferior multi-fit door that constantly jams or just falls off the track. Our sliders come with a lockable latch, grey or charcoal insect mesh, and side or top adjusting steel wheels. They cost $239 for standard size ranges and $275 for doors up to 96″ tall. Upgrade from standard insect mesh to BetterVue for $60 or petscreen or solar for $90 for standard size ranges up to 96″ tall.

Call for pricing for non-standard width or larger doors. 

Rescreening Your Frames

We can rescreen standard window screens (with frames still in good condition) with standard insect mesh for $39 each (any size up to 12 sq ft); upgrade to BetterVue, add $20 or upgrade to pet or solar mesh, add $40.

Rescreen sliding patio screen door (widths to 49” by up to 98″ height); $89 standard insect mesh.

Rescreen sliding patio screen door (widths to 49″ by up to 98″ height); $149 pet, solar or BetterVue mesh. 

Questions? Give Us a Call!

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule work please call us at 800-851-8466 or send an email to payment