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Please take a moment to go over this valuable information about your job. We hope it will help make your experience even better than expected! Thank you.


Our service call fee is $89 and applies to each trip we make to your location (it is waived with the installation of a Phantom or Mirage retractable). See most of our window and door screen pricing at:


We ask that you keep us informed of any changes to your scheduled appointment date and time. Please give us at least 48 hours’ notice of postponement or cancellation of your job so that we may have a chance to fill any gap your cancellation creates.


Our arrival time can vary. We will call you with changes greater than ten minutes as soon as we become aware of them.


If we go to your home at the scheduled time and you are not there or have canceled with no notice, a service call fee will apply.


The owner or their authorized agent must be present at the beginning and end of the job. You are needed to go over the work order with us before we start, and to inspect and pay for the work upon completion. Any changes to the work order must be communicated to us before we start your work. A second service call fee will apply if you were not available to inspect and sign off on the work and later require us to return for missed items.


Payment is due upon completion. Please make sure that you or your agent are available at the job’s end to make payment. We do not invoice, however, we do accept all major credit cards, checks, PayPal and cash.


Nearly all our screen work is completed from inside. Please make sure access to windows and doors needing work is clear. If you are a property manager and need us to work in more than one unit, please make sure that the required tenant notifications are completed before our arrival. Extra charges will apply if we are required to return due to lack of access, or if we need to work off ladders from outside.


It is not unusual for our customers to add to their original work order after we have arrived and we will make every attempt to complete any added work during the allotted time. If, however, we need to schedule an additional appointment to complete work not specified on the original work order, a second service call fee will apply.


Please be sure to give us correct sizes and colors when placing your order so that we may bring the correct items and can complete your job on the scheduled work date. If, after we arrive, your job needs to be rescheduled to another date due to incorrect information you gave us, a second service call fee will apply.


Please tell us about any parking challenges at your location. For efficiency, our trucks (mobile workshops) and crews must park nearby. Most of our box trucks are about twelve feet high and won’t fit into parking garages. Our truck and trailer combinations are not as high, but are about forty feet long and require at least three spaces on the street. We must have parking nearby to complete your work.


Window screens cannot prevent a child or pet from falling through the screen to the outside. Please make sure that your child or pet does not have access to an open window.


Special orders require a nonrefundable 50% deposit before we can place the order. We are not responsible for manufacture delays, however, if we have not received your special order within ninety days of the date the order was placed with the manufacturer, you can, at your option, cancel the order and receive a full refund.


Because our jobs are relatively small and are normally completed in just a few hours, we do not sign sub-contractor agreements less than $7500.  To see our current license and insurance information visit our website @

You can also verify this information with Washington State online by visiting their applicable website;

  1. For contractor’s license, insurance, and bond information please visit Washington State Department of Labor & Industries @ and search for Screenman Inc under the ‘Search for a Contractor’ heading. Then select Screenman, Inc.
  2. For workers’ comp status visit Washington State Department of Labor & Industries @ and search for Screenman Inc under the ‘Search for a Contractor’ heading. Then select Screenman, Inc. and scroll down to Workers’ Comp.
  3. For business license information visit Washington State Department of Revenue @ and search for Screenman in ‘Business Licenses’, then select Screenman Incorporated.
  4. For corporate status visit Washington Secretary of State @, and scroll down to Corporation Search. Enter Screenman, Inc.


We warranty our materials and workmanship for one year from the installation date. Some manufacturers (including Phantom and Mirage) offer their own warranties. Please check at the manufacturer’s website for their warranty details. There is no service call fee for warranty work unless upon our arrival we determine the work is not covered, then we will charge $89 minimum plus the cost of any repairs completed. All mesh on all products is excluded from warranty.


Our consultation fee is $89 and can be credited towards retractable purchases of $1,500 or more, before tax. Consultations include discussing project  feasibility, colors, placement, measuring, product selection, and showing product samples, etc. Consultation fees are not refundable for retractable purchases less than $1,500 (before tax)  nor against non-retractable purchases (such as window and door screen repair or replacement).

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